The Davies Family

What a great crew the Davies are! We had a fantastic afternoon hanging out with these guys. It was made all the more adventurous by sharing the area with a bunch of other weddings and photo shoots - the Powerhouse at New Farm is quite the popular spot!

As well as being generally awesome.. they all like pulling crazy faces. Although, you'll have to request them to divulge some of the crazy face photos we took ;-)

1 M98A0019.jpg
2a M98A0218.jpg
2b M98A0220.jpg
3 M98A0214.jpg
4a M98A0039.jpg
4b M98A0060.jpg
5 M98A0247.jpg
6a M98A9937.jpg
6b Davies_Family-0094-9953.jpg
7a M98A0006.jpg
7b M98A9913.jpg
8 M98A9883.jpg
9a M98A0274.jpg
9b M98A0280.jpg
10 M98A0137.jpg
11a Davies_Family-0236-0098.jpg
11b M98A0117.jpg
12 M98A0314.jpg
13a M98A0126.jpg
13b M98A0283.jpg