Jessie and Paul got married!

It was a lovely day celebrating the marriage of a lovely couple! So many wonderful moments and stories from the day. It was definitely a privilege to be a part of their celebration!

We loved the focus on the local and hand-made (check out Anna's recycled paper flower bunting!), the eco-friendly and the socially responsible (the reception was held at Bleeding Heart cafe).

In line with our aim to minimise our environmental impact, we used public transport as much we could. From and back to the Sunshine Coast, and on the wedding day - it was quite the adventure!

Hope you enjoy some images from the day :-)

1 IMG_2161.jpg
2a IMG_2251.jpg
2b IMG_2421.jpg
3a 2199.jpg
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4a M98A5187.jpg
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10a M98A5677.jpg
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11 M98A5863.jpg
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13 IMG_2818.jpg
14 M98A5961 (2).jpg
15 M98A6188.jpg
16 M98A6249.jpg
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17a M98A6215.jpg
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18c M98A6379.jpg
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20b M98A6357.jpg
20c M98A6367.jpg
21 M98A6499.jpg
22 M98A6529.jpg
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24 M98A6655.jpg
25 M98A6576.jpg
26 IMG_2993.jpg
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28 M98A6762.jpg
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30 M98A7103.jpg
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31b M98A6857.jpg
32  IMG_3386.jpg
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34 M98A7079.jpg
35a 6771.jpg
35b 3063.jpg
35c 3469.jpg
36 M98A7213.jpg
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38 M98A6809.jpg
39a IMG_3217.jpg
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39c M98A6744.jpg