Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge

So, it seems as though there's such a thing as a 'Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge'. Post a picture of a nature scene each day for seven days.

I was nominated by a certain Mr Peter Wells to keep the cycle going. He mentioned he was keen to see some more of our collection as so little of it lives online. Pete is right - we've got so many photos in the archives! It's been on the to-do list to share more of these photos that we have taken over the years. Although, there are plenty of other things and deadlines clamouring for attention, this little nudge is a good thing. Hopefully we'll keep a bit more regular in sharing images on our blog, at least for the next little while!

As with any of the photos you see on our website, if you'd like a print copy, please do get in touch with us!

I (Matt) generally find decision making tough.. so choosing which image to start off the challenge with took a little while! Here's the first image is from a trip to the USA in October 2015. It was taken from a lookout on a trail walk in Jamaica State Park, Jamaica, Vermont. As we don't get much colour change between seasons at home, experiencing the autumn/fall colours around was really something special.

Alice and Luke got married!

Having the opportunity to share in such special days, like weddings, really is an amazing privilege. It is another level of special when we know the lovely people who are at the center of the celebration! 

The link here is one that goes back through college days (with a shout out to all the college friends who were at the wedding!), and even back to high school. Matt and Alice both used to be budding musos in the high school concert band - great times!

Alice and Luke's wedding day was simply wonderful. A little windy, but wonderful! The rustic, country atmosphere of Kenilworth Homestead was a great backdrop for the celebration. With all the day's events taking place there on the property, the relaxed vibe of the day was fantastic! 

Here are a few snaps from Alice and Luke's wedding! :)