Kelly and Lachlan got married!

It certainly was a wonderful day when the fun, classy and lovely couple Kelly and Lachlan got married! Most of the decorations, flowers and other stunning touches were handmade by Kelly and her mum - an amazing effort which really added to the day

With a shout-out to to Lisa from Make You Blush for her fantastic makeup artistry skills, we are excited to share with you a pretty decent selection of images from the celebration! :-)

1a IMG_6375.jpg
1b IMG_6339.jpg
2 M98A6929.jpg
3a M98A6892.jpg
3b M98A6902.jpg
4 M98A6938.jpg
5a IMG_6443.jpg
5b IMG_6505.jpg
6 IMG_6467.jpg
7a M98A6954.jpg
7b IMG_6529.jpg
8 IMG_6552.jpg
9a IMG_6636.jpg
9b IMG_6616.jpg
10 M98A7008.jpg
11a M98A7040.jpg
11b M98A7042.jpg
11c M98A7119.jpg
12 M98A7027.jpg
13a M98A7043.jpg
13b M98A7134.jpg
14 M98A7061.jpg
14 M98A7153.jpg
15a M98A7167.jpg
15b M98A7170-2.jpg
16 IMG_6704.jpg
17a M98A7210.jpg
17b M98A7229.jpg
18a Kelly_Lachlan-0001-7295.jpg
18b Kelly_Lachlan-0003-7309.jpg
18c Kelly_Lachlan-0002-7296.jpg
19 Kelly_Lachlan-0001-7250.jpg
20a M98A7301.jpg
20b M98A7304.jpg
21 M98A7337.jpg
22 IMG_6831.jpg
23a IMG_6892.jpg
23b IMG_6902.jpg
24 M98A7553.jpg
25a M98A7562.jpg
25b M98A7566.jpg
26 M98A7596.jpg
27a M98A7588.jpg
27b M98A7621.jpg
27c M98A7650.jpg
28 M98A7630.jpg
30a .jpg
30b M98A7673.jpg
30c M98A7677.jpg
29a M98A7617.jpg
29b M98A7614.jpg
31a M98A7688.jpg
31b M98A7666.jpg
31c M98A7697.jpg
32a M98A7698.jpg
32b IMG_6941.jpg
33a IMG_6950.jpg
33b IMG_6962.jpg
34 M98A7780.jpg
35a M98A7724.jpg
35b M98A7752.jpg
36 M98A7781.jpg
37a M98A7815.jpg
37b IMG_6989.jpg
38 M98A7853.jpg
39 IMG_7020.jpg
40a M98A7948.jpg
40b IMG_7045.jpg
41 M98A7943.jpg
42a M98A8035.jpg
42b M98A8036.jpg
43a M98A8118.jpg
43b M98A8122.jpg
43c M98A8128.jpg
44a M98A8168.jpg
44b M98A8183.jpg
45 M98A8085.jpg
46a M98A8209.jpg
46b M98A8214.jpg
47 M98A8665.jpg
49 M98A8335.jpg
49a Kelly_Lachlan-0001-8235.jpg
49b M98A8403.jpg
49c Kelly_Lachlan-0002-8276.jpg
50 M98A8154.jpg
51a M98A8473.jpg
52b M98A8475.jpg
52c M98A8477.jpg
53 M98A8340.jpg
53a M98A8491.jpg
53b M98A8499.jpg
54 M98A8555.jpg
55a M98A8582.jpg
55b M98A8590.jpg
56 M98A8624.jpg
57 M98A8637.jpg
58 M98A8656.jpg