Seasonal Experiences

Once again, as we in the southern hemisphere move towards winter, our friends in the north are heading into summer. It might seem strange, however I have never really experienced the full range of seasons over a year. Where we live, it gets pretty hot and humid in summer, yet winters are comparatively mild. The majority of flora here is green all year round - unless there is a drought. One item on the to-do list is to spend a year to fully experience moving from the depths of winter into summer via spring and back to winter.
Looking through our photo archives, I came across some images I had taken last year on a work trip to the USA which documented a few signs of life emerging after the winter. I really enjoyed catching these small glimpses of new life appearing through the seasonal cycle.

1 IMG_7558.jpg
2 IMG_7676.jpg
3 IMG_7559.jpg
4 IMG_7568.jpg
5 IMG_7595.jpg
6 IMG_7709.jpg
7 IMG_7732.jpg
8 IMG_7719.jpg
9 IMG_7749.jpg
10 IMG_7777.jpg