Camera Gear for Sale

We're cleaning out our cupboards and rationalising our inventory here at Chaordic HQ in preparation for the new year, which means we've got a few deals that might interest the budding photographer or anyone looking to upgrade.

We've got a Canon EOS 60D with a battery kit and two extra batteries ready to find a new home. It's a great camera for someone who wants to upgrade their existing kit, or even an enthusiastic beginner. It's a lot of camera for only $500, you just need to add a lens!

We also have a Canon EOS 1000D with battery kit and two extra batteries, and a 18-55mm kit lens. It's an excellent camera for the beginner but we've taken some very nice images with it in our time, too. We're selling this great little package for $350.

Alternatively you can take the whole lot off our hands for $800! A great option if you're looking to start a photographic endeavour of your own, or just want a sweet Christmas present for the photographer in your life. 

Send us an email or message us on Facebook if you're interested!

Here are a couple of images we have taken with these cameras. First, an image taken by Matt with the 60D. Second, an image taken by Carmen using the 1000D. As you can see, both cameras are very capable!

0 4 IMG_9115.jpg

And a couple of images of the actual gear for sale. First, the 60D kit, followed by the 1000D kit, then all the available gear together.