Chaordic. Creative. Photography.

'Chaordic' (kay'ordic):
1: anything simultaneously orderly and chaotic.
2: patterned in a way dominated neither by order nor chaos.
3: existing in the phase between order and chaos.

A Blurb.

There are many photographers out there.
Some are ok. Some are not. Some are simply fantastic.
We don't claim to be at either end of the spectrum. We think we are ok, and there are people out there who seem to agree :)

While we could call ourselves ‘self-taught’, as we happily and humbly note we have no formal photographic training, we are at the same time a fusion of learning in community and a product of cooperative spirit. Our love of photography has emerged and been enhanced and supported by a wide mix of people, places and moments. For this we are truly thankful to all who have been part of the journey so far.

Basically, we just really enjoy the range of feelings and emotions that accompany hanging out with people and the art of photography.
We love sharing in those amazing, fun, chaotic, or sad moments. We love having the privilege and blessing to be a part of incredibly important events in people's journeys.
We love love.


Chaordic Creative is:

Matt & Carmen.
After having such a wonderful time on our wedding day, thanks to Jared Bauman (Bauman Photographers), the interest in furthering our photographic skills grew. We still do find time to pursue other interests in the pharmaceutical, technological, academic, and musical arenas.